Sean Hannity promotes the idea of banning the New York Times, Washington Post from the White House
Nov 14, 2016 1:53pm EST by Jen Hayden
Throughout the campaign, Fox News darling Sean Hannity was an integral part of the Trump campaign, even loaning his private jet so that Newt Gingrich could fly in for a VP audition with Donald Trump.

During a Twitter rant last night, Hannity accused CNN of colluding with Democrats and when a Twitter follow said “CNN, NYT, WaPo & others shown to have colluded by @wikileaks should not receive WH press credentials”, Hannity’s response was chilling:

Can you imagine an America where mainstream newspapers are banned from the White House? This stark, divisive, un-American move would echo moves the Trump team made during the campaign when they banned the following outlets from campaign events: Univision, Buzzfeed, Politico, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post and The Des Moines Register. Reporters were barred from his first visit to the White House. Brian Beutler of New Republic says this is NOT a drill:

In addition to the banal chaos that the Trump administration is likely to unleash, we’re facing a moment that threatens equal protection, due process, free expression, democracy—not just press freedom. It’s not a drill. The media undersold the threat to many freedoms before election night, and it would be self-dealing, and a disservice, if the only liberty under attack we rose to defend was one that undergirds our industry.

There’s a fine line between whipping up panic and informing the citizenry so that people can respond in orderly, considered fashion. But this is an emergency and people need to be prepared for it—even if, in the end, the category-five hurricane is downgraded.

Why does it feel like the one and only Constitutional right Republicans care about is the right to bear arms? The rest of the document is in danger of becoming irrelevant. The inalienable right to vote is being challenged by Republicans state by state and now the freedom of press, free speech and the right to assemble are being challenged before Donald Trump even moves his tacky, gold-plated decor to the White House.

Yes, indeed. We are going to have to fight like hell.

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